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Extraordinary possibilities

Bold new companies are developing innovative business models, creating cultures and building brands that change the way we live, eat, play and work.  Traditional companies are struggling to adjust, but the best explore what’s next and welcome the challenge. 

It is exceptional leaders, with talented teams, that embrace these complexities and build for the future. They are the leaders who create trends, hire the curious, and see the possibilities.

A recruiting process built on deep operational experience, and an understanding of today’s business opportunities, delivers the highest quality candidates for your company's success.



Experience differentiates

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Kristine Shine is an executive recruiter, operational leader and entrepreneur.  In 2016, she launched Shine Talent to follow her passion of helping people and companies realize their potential.

As an executive leader with over twenty years’ experience growing businesses and recruiting teams at both start-ups and Fortune 500 brands, Kristine brings to the recruiting process an in-depth understanding of the leadership and talent needed to ensure corporations thrive.

Kristine was the Chief Revenue Officer at PopSugar Media, ran multiple teams at Microsoft and is the former President of The San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate. Her network is extensive and the operational experience she brings to the recruiting process, unmatched. Her collaborative approach and keen instincts for talent go beyond the traditional recruiting process, enabling her to be a true business partner to the brands and businesses shaping our future.



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A bespoke approach





Investing time with you up front is critical in a successful search process. Understanding your company's history, goals, vision and culture mean everything to a successful placement.


The Position Specification/Description is the foundation of an efficient executive search. This critical document ensures that everyone involved in the process has a mutual understanding of the search criteria and allows us to measure candidates against agreed-upon expectations.


Often the most qualified and highly desired candidates are not actively looking for a new position. To seek them out, we will make full use of our extensive database and personal network of global executives. Additionally, we perform original research, establishing a universe of potential candidates by targeting employers within specific industries and related sectors.


We personally contact potential candidates to determine their level of qualification and to interest them in our client's opportunity. We use a discreet approach to screen qualified candidates and often times find additional and crucial information not found on their LinkedIn profile or résumé.


We strive to interview candidates in person and in depth to get a thorough and realistic understanding of their experience, skill set, accomplishments, personal traits, capabilities, and objectives.


We generally try to present an initial candidate as early as possible for calibration. We present résumés, and a report on each candidate articulating the strengths and why we feel he/she is right for the job.


We confidentially conduct reference checks with those individuals who are, or have been, in a position to evaluate the candidate’s performance. We conduct a minimum of five reference checks validating the candidate's past performance.


We conduct the presentation and negotiation of the compensation package, bringing closure and “buy-in” from the candidate.


Following the close of a search, we remain in contact with the newly placed executive and the client to ensure a productive transition.